The Naples Cathedral

The Naples Cathedral

Consecrated in the XIII century, the  Naples Cathedral is born from the mix of architectural styles such as Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-Gothic. Charles II of Anjou, King of Naples, together with Archbishop James of Viterbo started the construction of the Naples Cathedral. In 1349, because of an earthquake, the bell tower and the façade collapsed which had just been completed and therefore were rebuilt in the fifteenth century in the Gothic style. The Naples Cathedral has the shape of a Latin cross with three naves and side chapels.

Over the centuries numerous earthquakes have given the opportunity to artists such as Malvern, Grimaldi and Filomarino to be engage to restructure and sometimes in real reconstructions and own the damaged parts. As finding of this ongoing construction site the Naples Cathedral is unique in its kind. In fact, looking at the facade or looking at the interior we can see how different architectural styles there are, also from different periods. They live side by side in an entirely harmonious way.

Even during the Second World War the Naples Cathedral has undergone several structural damage from the Allied bombing. Between 1969 and 1972, the period of the last restorations, were found Roman and Greek ruins that today are open to the public. The Naples Cathedral, in addition to performing its function as the first church in the city, is also the place where the famous blood of San Gennaro is preserved. Three times a year the blood of the saint, contained in two ampoules, is shown to the faithful. During the blood ritual, clotted initially, it begins to regain its natural liquid form.

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