The Steve McCurry exhibition in Siena

The Steve McCurry exhibition in Siena

The Steve McCurry exhibition in Siena includes an anthology of the artist’s entire works, along with a very large selection of his recent work like The last roll project, with images taken using the last roll of film produced by Kodak in Cuba, in Thailand and Burma, and a selection of photographs taken in the recent and numerous trips to Italy.

Steve McCurry is one of the greatest artists of contemporary photography and is certainly a point of reference for the young public, who recognize in his photographs a way of looking at the present time, and in a certain way, “recognize” themselves in them. Many of his photographs have become icons, known throughout the world, as the case of the photograph of the Afghan girl published by National Geographic.

More than 200 photos will be presented in the exhibition printed on various formats.  A video made by Epson will tell the delicate task of color printing on photo paper. An audio guide will be given free of charge to all visitors through which the same Steve McCurry will guide you in the exhibition.

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The Steve McCurry exhibition in Siena
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